24/7 Commercial Locksmith Services

commercial locksmith services

LVI locksmith offer 24/7 Commercial KLocksmith Services with the most skilled commercial locksmith technicians 24 hours around the clock.

All of our LVI commercial locksmiths are driving cars equipped with the proper tools and accessories needed to perform any commercial locksmith service your business needs. From a simple file cabinet lock out, rekeying the locks on the doors of your business, push bar repair or installation, keyless entry, and much more.

LVI Locksmith knows that when it comes to securing your office, there is no room to compromise on quality.

There are many different factors that come into play when deciding how exactly to secure not only your premises but also your assets. Our commercial locksmith technicians are able to sit down beside you and go over all the various options you have to consider when choosing the best method of security for your business, regardless of the size of the building or number of employees.

Having a professional and reliable commercial locksmith on hand is more important than many things. After all, waiting hours for lock out assistance, could cost you loss of money. If you've been locked out, need to re-key or change the locks on the door of your business, don't hesitate to call us at (610) 467-7057 and expect our technician to arrive within 20 min.

With a huge selection of various of locks, mechanism, and access control devices, by all brands and sizes, either it is a standard product or by special order.

The possibilities to upgrade of a new commercial security systems are endless when LVI Locksmith is on the job. And since we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week no matter when you decide to step up the security at your business you can be one hundred percent sure that LVI Locksmith will be there within twenty minutes of your call.

Commercial Lock Out Service

business lockout
Have you locked out of your office or your business?

Being waiting hours for lock out assistance, can cost you loss of time and money.

Please call LVI Commercial Locksmith at (610) 467-7057 to avoid such of situation.

We offer 24/7 emergency commercial locksmith service. We will be there 20 minutes after your first call, and our technician will unlock the door of your business within short amount of time.

Whether you need to unlock the front door, or back door, storage room or conference room. LVI Locksmith technician is here for you.

Our Services Includes:

* Commercial Lock Out

* Industrial Lock Out

* Locked Out of Elevator Room

* File Cabinet Lock Out

* Storage Room Lock Out

* Safe Box Lock Out

Re-Keying Locks in Your Business

Have you fired one of the staff members in your office and you can't be sure if he made a copy to the key?

You might consider re-keying the locks in your office.

It is very important to rekey teh locks of your business if you once fired one of your employee. Finding a quality locksmith service is absolutely the first thing you should do after firing one of your staff's member!

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change the combination of tumblers or wafers inside the cylinder of lock, so that a different key may operate it, while the old key will no longer work. Rekeying is done without replacement of the entire lock.

Our Services Includes:

* Mortise Lock Re-Key

* Rim Lock Re-Key

* Commercial Knob Re-Key

* Commercial Lever Re-Key

* Garage Door Lock Re-Key

Replacing Locks in Your Business

commercial locks
Are the locks in your business stopped working properly, or you want to upgeade its security level?

We offer commercial lock replacement services, and security upgrade for your business.

We understand the unique security needs of each and every business, therefore, we offer custom locksmith and security solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our Commercial Locksmith experts will come to your business for honest consultation and estimate, with no obligation, committed to give you the best solution on-site.

We offer a full range of commercial locksmith services and products. We carry all major types and brands of locks and security system. Whether you are looking to repair, re-key, or secure your storefront or office, we can provide you with the most comprehensive, professional and low cost and effective security solution for your business.

Please don't hesitate to dial (610) 467-7057, and experience an excellent commercial locksmith services.

Our Services Includes:

We can easily replace these types of locks:

* Mortise Lock

* Rim Lock

* Commercial Lever

* File Cabinet Lock

* Keypad Lock

* IC Core Lock (high security)

Keyless Entry

commercial keyless entry
Would you like to be able to open the front door of your office when customer's coming in, without getting out of your chair?

Would you like to enter your office by typing the code on a keypad that hanged out on the wall of your office, instead inserting the key inside the lock?

We offer Keyless Entry Systems Installation for your office.

Keyless entry is known as access control, and can be installed on the front / back door of your office. Keyless entry system can be a business owner best friend. If you don’t have keyless entry system, you're missing the conveinience to control the front door of your office.

Keyless Entry System increases the level of security in your business. The front door is locked all the time, when you come in, you simply type your code in the keypad hanging outside on the wall. You can set up as many codes your new system can take. When you sit at your desk and customer is ringing the bell, want to come in, you will be able to open the door with one click on the button near your desk.

Take advantage of our special free security consultation and free estimate, today!

Our Services Includes:

* Electric Strike

* Digital Lock

* Keypad Lock

* Biometric Lock

* Keyless Entry System Installments

* Keyless Entry System Repair

* Keyless Entry System Maintenance

Push Bar / Panic bar

push bar
Do you have push bar / panic bar on the doores of your warehouse or your backstore's door?

We offer maintenance, repair, and installment of push bar.

LVI locksmith technicians can make sure your building complies with fire codes by installing a push bar on your doors. These simple lock mechanism allow people on the inside of a building to exit easily without have to turn a knob or do anything other than push on the door. In an emergency time, many people become too panicked to operate anything complicated, and for safety reasons they need to be able to ecacuate the building fast!.

There are many brands and shapes of panic bars that are very secure from the outside, but still easy to open from the inside. LVI locksmith technician will be happy to assist you, and explain the advantages, and shape of each and every one.

You know that it’s important to make sure your building complies with fire codes, as long as to keep it secure, and panic bars are the way to do it.

Our Services Includes:

* Maintenance of Panic Bar

* Repair of Panic Bar

* Replacement of a New Panic Bar

* Fresh Installation of Panic Bar